About Paul Nugent

Q. how did you become probably the most respected Computer Technician in Maryborough?”
A. “Years ago when I first started playing with PCs I would do really reckless things like delete system files, stop important start up entries and change Bios settings to the point where the computer was totally confused. All to see if I could fix it again. Of course I always could get things right again but that wasn’t enough. I decided to try and fix other peoples computers and found that it was so easy that maybe I could be of assistance to the general public. I started PNP Computers in Ferntree Gully around 2002 and was so busy that I barely had time for my day job as a Toolmaker. We moved to Evansford near Talbot in 2005 and I did the government assisted NEIS course. I registered Maryborough PCs and have never looked back”.

My first computer cost $40.00 and was a 386 MHz with 16 MB Ram. It was supplied to me with nothing installed. The person who sold it to me gave me a set of DOS floppy discs and the full DOS manual as well as the full set of Windows 3.1 floppy discs and said “Here you go, take these away and learn it”. I read that manual all the way through, learnt how directory structures worked. Taught myself DOS commands and installed DOS then Windows 3.1. Before this I had never even pushed the power button on a computer. When CD drives first came out I was so excited. I bought a new 12x CD Rom drive and attempted to install it with no luck. I phoned a local computer Technician who came around, fiddled for 30 minutes then gave up saying my computer wasn’t capable. Five minutes after he left I had the CD drive working and installed my first ever computer game from CD. Now I set up wireless office networks, build multi core computers with Terabyte drives and play my computer games in full High definition 3D. Once you have me as your computer Service Technician you will never trust anyone else.

Of course all of this means nothing if you are not on the same level as your customer, that’s why I put myself in my customer’s shoes, talk to them in plain English and show my customers all they need to know for day to day computer operation and maintenance. Discuss current and future needs, sort out niggly little problems and as always enjoy a good yarn when it is all sorted.
Trust no-one else, pay much less and get your computer back in less than 24 hours.

Now there is no reason why you wouldn’t go to.

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